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Frequently asked questions about our warranty

Register your Brabantia product warranty

You may wish to register your product to ensure that we have a record of your purchase. Please use this Registration form to complete the details of your product registration:. Register your product

What is the guarantee or warranty on Brabantia products?

Brabantia has a reputation as a company that provides durable solutions and lasting values. Our reputation is our most valuable asset, so we make sure we take good care of it. As we do with of all our products. This is why most Brabantia products car

Does Brabantia offer a lifetime guarantee?

Brabantia does not offer a lifetime warranty on any product. The longest warranty period is 10 years, for certain products. The warranty period of your product will be indicated on the product packaging when purchased.

Does the Brabantia Warranty cover second hand/used products?

No, the warranty on all Brabantia products does not extend to the second owner/second hand/used goods. We will generally require proof of purchase (retail receipt, online order reference, order confirmation, etc) when you are making a warranty claim

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