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About Brabantia's sustainability initiatives

What is Brabantia's goal regarding sustainability?

Call it a goal, a mission or an addiction. Whatever words you choose, it's real. Care for others and the environment, take care of the earth that feeds us, the air we breathe and the water that helps us bloom. We're not perfect, but we're all respons

What is cradle-to-cradle?

The Cradle to Cradle Institute assesses products on material quality, material recycling, the use of renewable energy and carbon management, water management and social justice. The certificates are reviewed every two years. In order to keep the C2C

What is the collaboration between Brabantia and WeForest about?

Trees cool the planet, provide food, wood and jobs. That's why, since 2014, Brabantia has been working with WeForest, an international non-profit organisation that is committed to reforestation to prevent desertification. For every rotary dryer and d

Do your products contain BPA?

No, all Brabantia products are BPA-free.

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