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What is Brabantia's goal regarding sustainability?Updated 7 months ago

Call it a goal, a mission or an addiction. Whatever words you choose, it's real. 

Care for others and the environment, take care of the earth that feeds us, the air we breathe and the water that helps us bloom. We're not perfect, but we're all responsible, and we all have a role to play.

 Some small, some big. It is and was in everything we do. We create products that are beautiful and sustainable. And that's more important now than ever. Why? Because we can no longer choose between profit or planet. In this phase, we all have the chance to make a difference. With everything we do, every decision we make. 

We choose to leave the next generation with something beautiful, not a mess. Brabantia will make the switch to 100% circular design in 2035.

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