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Product and service information about Brabantia Rotary Clothes Dryers & Washing Lines

How to use and care for your Brabantia rotary clothes dryer

Good question! Our rotary clothes dryers are produced under high quality requirements and tested extensively. A rotary clothes dryer performs best when it is used according to its design specifications and limit. External factors sometimes have an ef

Which size of ground spike cap do I need?

You can measure the diameter of the hole in the ground spike/anchor that is already in the ground to determine the size. However, if you know the colour of the ground anchor cap, you will immediately know which ground anchor cap you need. This is bec

The arm or pull rod of my rotary dryer is bent

There are several reasons why this can happen. There may be external factors causing damage, but more often than not this is due to incorrect or improper use of the clothesline, most often this is caused by overloading the dryer with washing that is

The line on my rotary dryer or washing line has snapped/broken

This may have to do with the line tension (over-tensioning the line can cause damage) on the rotary dryer, the age of the product or other factors such as UV exposure. Is your rotary dryer in good condition otherwise? Then solve this problem by repla

Which model of rotary clothes dryer do I have?

Our different models of rotary clothes dryers look similar, but they have important differences. These differences can help you recognise your clothes dryer model. Characteristics of all Brabantia clothes dryers:. Still not sure? Hopefully the video

How do I install the ground spike or anchor of my rotary clothes dryer?

We have a manual for that! Do you have a ground anchor(spike) or a concrete anchor?. The installation for a ground anchor differs from the installation of a concrete anchor. You will find the manuals of both anchors below:

How do I install my WallFix clothes dryer?

This video shows how to correctly install and use the Wallfix dryer:.

The tension of my pull-out clothes lines became uneven. What can I do?

You can usually easily solve this problem yourself. The retractable drying line consists of one long line. It may become misaligned. To fix the lines, you need to retract the lines completely. Then roll up the drying line again tightly using the hand

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