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How to use and care for your Brabantia rotary clothes dryerUpdated 7 months ago

Good question! Our rotary clothes dryers are produced under high quality requirements and tested extensively. A rotary clothes dryer performs best when it is used according to its design specifications and limit. External factors sometimes have an effect on the functioning of our rotary clothes dryers. 

Please follow this advice when using your rotary dryer:

  • Before unfolding your rotary clothes dryer, always check whether there is a clothesline wrapped around a rotary clothes dryer arm. And if so, take the line off the rotary clothes dryer arm. Do not force it or pull the line, this can damage it.
  • Do not use your rotary clothes dryer in heavy winds (the maximum wind force that we guarantee is 60 kph). It is best to collapse the dryer during periods of high winds, storms or inclement weather.
  • Make sure your rotary clothes dryer does not fall or tip over.
  • Make sure the rotary clothes dryer can move (rotate) freely. Do not place the rotary clothes dryer too close to a wall or fence.
  • Never place a heavy duvet, heavy blanket or heavy carpet on/over the rotary clothes dryer
  • We guarantee up to 40 kg, if evenly distributed over the rotary clothes dryer and 10 kg on the last two lines of one rotary clothes dryer quarter (but without extra wind load, which can be significant).
  • Remember that wet articles, especially large items such as blankets or carpets can weigh a lot and can damage your dryer. Avoid overloading the dryer as this will void the warranty.
  • The dryer is not designed to rotate or "twirl" in the wind, it is only designed to rotate when you are pegging or removing the washing from the lines.

If you have a Lift-O-Matic or Lift-O-Matic Advance rotary clothes dryer, do not tension the rotary clothes dryer too tight. There should be 10 to 13 holes of the main tube visible between the two moving plastic parts of the rotary clothes dryer. Less than 10 holes visible means the rotary clothes dryer is tensioned too tightly, and there is too much tension on the rotary clothes dryer arms or drawbar which can damage the dryer and void the warranty.

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