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The arm or pull rod of my rotary dryer is bentUpdated 5 months ago

There are several reasons why this can happen. There may be external factors causing damage, but more often than not this is due to incorrect or improper use of the clothesline, most often this is caused by overloading the dryer with washing that is very wet and heavier than the weight limits (e.g. large blankets or carpets - the clothesline can withstand up to 40 kg), leaving the dryer out in high winds (maximum 60 kph, or additional weight being applied to the dryer (hanging on the arms or climbing on the dryer).

Are you still entitled to claim under the warranty? Please note: The warranty does not cover improper use. Please review the following article for further information about how to correctly use your rotary dryer and what is covered by the warranty: Brabantia South Africa Warranty 

If you believe the issue is due to a manufacturing defect and not improper use, then please get in touch with our customer service team via the contact form to log a case to discuss the warranty options. Please ensure to include clear pictures of the fault.

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