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Information about Brabantia Ironing Boards and covers

Which ironing board cover do I need?

That depends on what or which part of your ironing board cover needs to be replaced. Your ironing board cover consists of a top (cover) and bottom layer (underlay). It is highly likely that only part of your ironing board cover is worn out at the sam

How do I attach a new ironing board cover?

It's very easy. The video below explains how to replace the ironing board cover. If you still have any questions about this please contact customer service.

Can I place a hot iron on the silicone strips of my ironing board?

Sure! That's what the silicone strips are for. The silicone strips protect the steel of the iron holder. This prevents rust from forming on the metal over time due to repeated heating and cooling. Also good to know - all our products are extensively

What is the ideal ironing board for me?

Well, that depends!. The different types of ironing boards are explained in the video below. This video will probably already help in limiting your choice. If you haven't quite decided after watching the video, then please contact customer service fo

My light ironing board cover has specks

Have you ordered a new ironing board or a new ironing board cover with a light-coloured design? Then specks may indeed be visible. The ironing board cover is not dirty, the ironing board cover is made of Fairtrade cotton. The ironing board cover cott

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