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Which ironing board cover do I need?Updated 7 months ago

That depends on what or which part of your ironing board cover needs to be replaced. Your ironing board cover consists of a top (cover) and bottom layer (underlay). It is highly likely that only part of your ironing board cover is worn out at the same time.

When one of the two is worn out, all you have to do is replace that part. So that's only a top layer or just an underlay.

Are both parts worn out? Then choose a complete set.

Do you have a Brabantia ironing board? Then it’s easy to recognise the size by the label on your current ironing board cover. This has the letter A (black), B (red), C (blue), D (green) or S (purple).

Ironing board not Brabantia? Then you’ll need to measure it. Make sure you only measure the ironing surface. Do the dimensions of your ironing surface not match one of our covers? Then go for a cover that is slightly larger. It’s easy to adjust and get a good fit.

All Brabantia ironing board covers come with a 2-year warranty as standard.

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