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Information about Brabantia Bin Liners

What size bin liner do I need?

Nothing beats a perfectly fitting bin liner in your waste bin!. Not sure what size you need? Take a look at our bin liner page. Here we explain which bin liner is suitable for which Brabantia waste bin. A handy shortcut: just look under the lid of yo

Is the bin liner in size E, F or Q no longer available?

Yes, the bin liners in sizes E, F and Q are no longer produced and are no longer available to purchase. If you used these models previously, please see the best alternatives in our range. If you are in doubt, please contact our customer service team.

Difference between bin liner size E, F and Q and the recommended alternative size

The dimensions of the discontinued bin liner sizes E, F and Q differ slightly from the dimensions of the newer bin liner size that is recommended as an alternative. These alternatives will not create an exact perfect fit that you may be used to but s

Why don't you have large compostable waste bags?

The largest compostable waste bag in our range is the 10-12 litre waste bag. This is a conscious choice. At the moment there is no compostable material in our range that is strong enough to be used for longer than 10 days or to carry amount such as 3

What is a compostable waste bag?

Compostable waste bags are 100% biodegradable and designed for organic kitchen waste. They are made from starch. This means they are not quite as strong our regular plastic waste bags, but their great advantage is that they are biodegradable. Ideal f

Do you have compostable waste bags?

Yes! Our range includes compostable waste bags in various sizes (10L maximum currently, read here to see why). The various sizes (and packaging units) can be viewed and ordered on this page (See "Compostable" in the title):

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