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What size bin liner do I need?Updated 7 months ago

Nothing beats a perfectly fitting bin liner in your waste bin! 

Not sure what size you need? Take a look at our bin liner page. Here we explain which bin liner is suitable for which Brabantia waste bin. A handy shortcut: just look under the lid of your bin, where you can find the capacity tag. The tag will show a letter from A-Z. This is the Bin Liner size identifier, which you can use to match the correct bin liner product on our website, or wherever you prefer to purchase your liners. 

You can find our bin liner information page here:

This useful video explains more about Brabantia PerfectFit Bin Liners:

Not having any luck finding the right liner? Then send a photo of your waste bin and the size indication if possible to our customer service team who will help you identify the right product.

Do you need a bin liner in size E, F or Q? These bin liner sizes are no longer made, and are no longer available. A different size bin liner will also fit in your waste bin, but it will never have the perfect fit you've come to expect from us. Look here for more information and the best alternative size in our range.

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