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My waste bin has a strong waste odour. What can I do?Updated 7 months ago

Smelly waste can make your waste bin smell quite unpleasant. 

Is the smell already in your waste bin? Then clean it properly with lukewarm soapy water and dish soap. To prevent (recurring) odour, you can sprinkle baking soda granules on the bottom of your inner bucket. Baking soda granules neutralise odours.

Is the smell originating in your waste bin? This happens from time to time. The waste bin does not seal completely because air circulation is required. But check if the bin liner of your waste bin fits properly around the inner bucket. The bin liner may keep the lid open a little so that odours escape a little faster. Our Perfect Fit Bin Liners are designed to ensure the bin operates optimally.

Do you have a lot of smelly waste? Then consider placing a loose container for smelly waste in your kitchen cabinet. The Sort & Go waste bins are perfect for that!

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