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How do I maintain my Stainless Steel or Matt Steel product?Updated 7 months ago

Stainless steel must be well maintained to keep it in the best condition.

The "Matt Steel" finish is sensitive to corrosive cleaning agents, moisture and dirt. The Matt effect is created by buffing the steel so that it contains small scratches to provide a matte effect. These scratches expose part of the material to the air. The material is therefore more sensitive to moisture and dirt than a polished brilliant steel or painted finish. If you do not maintain this material or do so insufficiently, the chance that the material will rust are greater and this is exacerbated in certain climates or environments such as high moisture or near the ocean. It is best to maintain a Matt Steel product with a maintenance product designed specifically for stainless steel. After cleaning, dry the product well and let it dry further in a dry environment.

Corrosive cleaning products will cause damage. Never use a corrosive detergent or abrasive to clean your product. You should also pay attention to the use of an air freshener or deodorant near your product. These agents often also contain a corrosive component and over time can cause damage to the finish or rust.

Eco cleaners can also be harmful to your Brabantia product. Their high acidity content can be damaging. Always sample-test when you clean on a small area first, hidden from sight. Using cleaners other than plain dish soap and water are at your own risk.

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